whether you 're struggling with trauma, grief, anxiety, or major life changes you will discover Daryeel Therapy offers the on going support and guidance you need to cope and feel empowered. Daryeel Therapy is a practice in the Twin Cities. Contact us to help you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery 

We believe no one should suffer alone.  Daryeel Therapy is here to provide culturally appropriate and trauma-informed space for your healing! 

Services offered

Free Initial Consultation 


We offer free consultation and follow up to discuss if I would be a good match. Consultation consists of you getting to know me and asking any questions you have. During this time I will also tell you more about my background and approach. If we decide you might be a better fit with a different therapist I am more than happy to provide some recommendations to other providers.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a one-on-one collaborative process involving the client and therapist. We will work together to identify areas of concern and create a tailored treatment plan that supports your mental health goals

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Fathi Kofiro, MSW, LGSW Owner& Therapist

I believe in honoring individuals’ voices and abilities and empowering clients to tap into their strengths. My work focuses on helping trauma survivors heal from painful experiences and increase functioning. Most of my clients have a history of trauma and are struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, C-PTSD, racial trauma, grief, or other traumatic stressors. 

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